Getting Balance with your Basics


  1. Introduction
  2. Why Silk is the Perfect Fabric for Long-Lasting, Timeless Pieces?
  3. Key Factors for Getting Basics
  4. What You Should Keep in Mind?
  5. Final Thoughts


Who here has only just started to realize the benefits of investing in quality basic clothing? Whilst teens were about finding the latest fashions and exploring your personal style, as I have become busier and more value-conscious, I have understood what I want from my clothing… to feel good in what I wear, look nice without trying too hard and not have to think about what goes with what. I also want to avoid buying new clothes where I can, not only due to the negative environmental impact but also as I don’t like spending too much time shopping unless it is a fun activity with those I am spending time with. I may be asking for too much but actually, if you want all or some of these things, investing in quality clothing basics is an essential ingredient to having a great day!

Why Silk is the Perfect Fabric for Long-Lasting, Timeless Pieces?

Silkinc has purposefully specialized in silk and silk-blended clothing (with only other natural fabrics). This is intentional – we want our customers to cherish their garments, because they are beautiful and long-lasting. Silk is the perfect fabric for this, it is naturally durable, its drape and softness, wonderful for feeling your best every day. Look for brands that do not design for trends, instead focusing on timeless classics that can be worn across seasons, body shapes, layered and styled in various ways.

Key Factors for Getting Basics

We usually consider the following factors when designing and looking for basics, always balancing price and affordability alongside.

  • Fit and Adaptability: Fit is crucial for any clothing item. Basics should fit you well and flatter your body shape. Make sure they are not too tight or too loose. Also think about how your body might change over time. We all work hard to keep fit and healthy, but it is normal for women’s bodies to adapt to exercise, diet, motherhood and menopause just to name a few life phases. A relaxed fit is perfect for adaptation.

Also consider the season when purchasing basics. For example, investing in thicker, warm basics for winter and lightweight, breathable basics for summer.

White rabbit pajama

  • Comfort: Basics are all about comfort. Look for soft, natural and breathable fabrics that feel good, especially for items that directly touch your skin.
  • Versatile Colors: Basics should be versatile and easily mix and match with other items in your wardrobe. Neutral colors like black, white, gray, and navy, as they are easier to pair with various outfits. Balance this with a few colors to complement your personal style and skin tone as you need to love what you own to keep and wear these longer term.
  • Classic Styles: Opt for classic designs that won't go out of fashion quickly. For example, a white button-up shirt, a well-fitting pair of jeans, a simple crewneck sweater, and a basic overshirt or blazer are timeless essentials.


White blouse and brown skirt

IMAGE 1: Wide Collar Silk Shirt in Moon White with Crystal Bias Cut Long Skirt in Bronze Brown

Black top and black pants

IMAGE 2: High Collar Top in Pure Black with Meditation Silk Pants in Pure Black

Spin to inspire long shirt, black camisole and black pants

IMAGE 4: Meditation Silk Shirt Dress in Moon White with Crystal Bias Cut V-Neck Camisole and Meditation Silk Pants in Pure Black

What You Should Keep in Mind?

The next few aspects are the most important factors that mean your garments stand the test of time...

  • Fabric Quality: Invest in high-quality fabrics that are durable and long-lasting. Natural fibers like silk, cotton, and wool are often preferred for their comfort and longevity. For activewear, consider moisture-wicking and breathable materials.
  • Durability: Basics are the workhorses of your wardrobe, so they need to withstand regular wear and washing. Look for machine-washable fabrics, reinforced stitching and well-constructed seams to ensure longevity. Brands that pride themselves on their craftsmanship are likely to put the research, into the best methods and people who love to make high quality clothing.
  • Care Instructions: We have a post all about inspiring good and sustainable garment care! Check it out here! Always look at the care labels to ensure you can maintain the clothing basics easily. Sometimes we may be washing more often than needed, using excess water and putting our garments under further pressure. Basics that require special care may be less practical for everyday wear.
White sun protection jacket

Final Thoughts

I have had the joy of keeping garments from when I was young, some over 15+ years! These bring back old and cherished memories when I see or wear them whether these were knitted by family who I don’t get to see often, special (planned and unplanned) moments from the past or pajamas gifted to me by my grandparents who are no longer with us. I am not sure whether others or even I, consciously thought about these factors when purchasing clothes at the time but I am glad that these pieces have stayed with me and lasted. We hope by making more conscious choices going forward, we inspire you to invest and love your basics for the long-term.

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