A Silkinc perspective on what it means to be a gentlewoman


  1. A sense of self
  2. Empathy, Compassion and Kindness
  3. Elegance in Inner and Outer Style
  4. Intellectual Curiosity
  5. Civic Responsibility and Purpose

In a world that often emphasizes assertiveness and strength, the concept of a gentlewoman stands as a beacon of grace and sophistication. Being a gentlewoman throws away the historic concepts related to gender and social status; and today is a way of life that embodies empathy, kindness and a commitment to making the world a more harmonious place. This modern perspective of ours inspired our designs behind the latest Gentlewoman collection. This series balances our historic muses Goddesses Venus and Luo from two ancient cultures as well our modern inspiration in women such as Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Day and Audrey Hepburn.

As a female founded and mainly female organization, we look up to our role models in today's world and aspire to embody their grace in how we operate. In this article, we share our personal view on the qualities and values that define a gentlewoman and how she can inspire us all to lead a life of balance.

Two women in black suit jacket and white jacket

A sense of self

A gentlewoman possesses a deep sense of self-confidence that is not rooted in arrogance but in being quietly comfortable in herself. Now, we know it is nice saying this and in reality, situations are thrown at us where we have no idea how to react - life can be stressful at times. We are human and particularly for those who understand the gentlewoman, they know there are moments where she may be sad or angry. However, where possible, a gentlewoman takes a few moments to gather her composure, centers herself back on her purpose and speaks where she adds value. This takes practice and mindfulness. She knows her worth and values without needing external validation. This allows her to exert a level of self-reliance and independence as well empowering her to interact with others with humility, respect, and kindness.

Empathy, Compassion and Kindness

A gentlewoman is marked by her profound empathy and compassion. She also tends to have impeccable manners, understanding the importance of courtesy, kindness and consideration in her interactions with others. She is quick to offer a kind word or a helping hand to those in need. Active listening is a tool for her to truly understand those around her and her ability to understand and share in the feelings of others fosters meaningful connections.

Nurture in the gentlewoman can mean many things from the more obvious tender behaviors to thoughtful quiet actions that show her considerate nature. Both are valid and we don't believe that every gentlewoman is the same, they can show empathy and compassion in different ways. Her way of being creates an environment of comfort and respect, making people around her feel at ease.

Elegance in Inner and Outer Style

The way the gentlewoman carries herself exudes elegance. She can be casually curled up on the sofa, playing with her dog, disagreeing with an opinion at work or even teaching her children and all can be done with grace in the tone, body language and words used. We of course believe, there is also something in how the gentlewoman presents herself through her dress and appearance. She pays attention to hygiene, clothing style and comfort which allow her to be at her best and live with purpose. Her attire is an extension of her personality, reflecting her tasteful and sustainable choices and respect for herself and those around her.

Woman in black waistcoat and black silk skirt
Woman in white handpainted rose silk shirt
Woman in tan trench coat

Intellectual Curiosity

A gentlewoman is a lifelong learner, always seeking to expand her knowledge and understanding of the world whether through education, reading and listening to others around her. Her self-assuredness gives her the confidence to explore new things, sometimes failing and learning lessons. She appreciates the beauty of new ideas, different cultures, and diverse perspectives. Her curiosity enriches her life and those she interacts with.

Civic Responsibility and Purpose

A gentlewoman is not just focused on personal growth but also on the well-being of her community. This could be directly towards her family and friends, her choice in career or identifying ways to support those in the wider world. Her actions serve as an example of the positive purpose and change that can be brought about by individuals committed to making a difference.

Two women in silk sleeveless top and long skirts

Being a gentlewoman is a choice and a way of life. It can take time and practice but through this, her influence extends far beyond her personal sphere, as she inspires and uplifts those around her. The gentlewoman stands as a reminder that there is a gentle strength in grace, kindness, and elegance. In embracing these qualities, we can aspire to bring balance to our own lives through our own behaviors and choices and contribute to a more harmonious and compassionate society.

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