The Dunhuang Collection Design Inspiration


  1. Blue Lotus Pajama Sets
  2. Honeysuckle Pattern Sets
  3. Silk Road Super-light Jacket

The Dunhuang Murals stand as a shining gem in the history of Chinese artwork, a rich depiction of religious, cultural, social, and international exchanges in ancient China. Situated along the ancient Silk Road, Dunhuang served as a pivotal stop, bearing witness to the vibrant exchange of ideas and goods across the globe.

Drawing inspiration from the illustrious Dunhuang murals, Silkinc's Dunhuang Collection features garments infused with elements reminiscent of Dunhuang and the Silk Road. We inject our unique perspective into each design, striving to strike a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity—a testament to our commitment to presenting the world with timeless elegance.

Join us as we unveil our new collections, where tradition meets innovation in a celebration of culture and heritage.

1. Blue Lotus Pajama Sets

The blue lotus pattern finds its inspiration in the intricate designs discovered within the Dunhuang Buddhist caves, where the caisson lotus holds profound significance. Through analysis of these patterns, we have discerned two primary variations: flat petals and rounded or square-shaped petals. Each design is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of vividness, liveliness, and splendor.

In Chinese culture, it symbolizes purity, elegance, and wisdom. In Buddhism, it represents truth. Drawing from the lotus pattern found in Dunhuang's caves, we have seamlessly incorporated this timeless symbol into our garments. Each lotus is adorned with a blue hue of the stone lapis lazuli - a stone of sprititual enlightenment, inner vision and self-awareness. Through this symbolism, we aspire to convey the enduring beauty of Chinese traditional arts, offering you a garment that radiates both elegance and cultural significance.


2. Honeysuckle Pattern Sets

The honeysuckle pattern can also be found in the murals of the Dunhuang caves. A common decorative element in Buddhist art, this pattern holds significant meaning within the context of the Mogao Grottoes during the middle Sui Dynasty. Found adorning the caisson ceilings, its intricate design features a continuous scroll of vines and flowers, resembling the graceful curves of the honeysuckle.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the honeysuckle pattern embodies strong vitality, the immortal soul and the cycle of reincarnation, resonating deeply with Buddhist philosophy. Furthermore, the honeysuckle represents peace and balance, offering a sense of harmony to those who embrace its essence.

In our Dunhuang collection, we have intricately woven the honeysuckle motif into our garments. From the delicate embroidery on our dresses to the custom-designed gold coin buttons adorning our tweed jackets, every detail reflects the elegance and purity associated with the honeysuckle pattern.


3. Silk Road Super-light Jacket

The Silk Road holds a significant position in Chinese history, serving as a vital artery that connects China with other nations and facilitates the exchange of products from around the globe. Among its pivotal nodes, Dunhuang emerges as a key conduit along the Silk Road, facilitating the exchange of commercial goods, new technologies, and cultures. Over time, Dunhuang has evolved into a vibrant center where diverse cultures converge and flourish.

Silkinc's latest super-light jackets draw inspiration from the captivating scenery of the Silk Road, spanning from dawn till dusk. Upon closer inspection, the jackets feature delicate pearls adorning the front, paying homage to the travelers who traversed the Silk Road atop camels. The detail in the design vividly depicts the sandy landscapes of the ancient Silk Road, transporting you to a bygone era of adventure and discovery.

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