Power, Grace and Mystery – Welcome to the Year of the Dragon

Silkinc's Chinese New Year (CNY) collection takes inspiration from the timeless painting LuoShenFuTu, with Caozhi's vivid portrayal of the Chinese Goddess, LuoShen—graceful as a startled swan, free-spirited like a swimming dragon. This imagery perfectly encapsulates the spirit of contemporary empowered women, with a deep fire in them that can be released in times of protection, drive and danger. Celebrating this upcoming year of the dragon, we have been inspired by the mythology and behaviors of the dragon in this collection. Our design team seamlessly weaves the beauty of this Chinese poem and in particular, the dragon, into every facet of our CNY collection, extending from elegant garment silhouettes, to colors, silk weaves and embroidery design.

As the weather gets colder in the northern hemisphere, the CNY collection features a warmer silk collection of puffer jackets, coats, gilets, shirts, and dresses inspired by the famous Chinese painting LuoShenFuTu. There are versatile square silk scarves embellished with our original hand-painted dragon pattern, along with lounge and sleepwear, perfect for curling up with a warm cuppa. Cherry-pick pieces that resonate with your unique tastes and embrace the rich tapestry of the CNY collection. Here are a few examples to tickle your fancy…

SILKINC Su Brocade Puffer Jacket

Feel the true warmth of silk filled with eco goose down, a jacket that can withstand the coldest temperatures whilst maintaining elegance. Wear it as a formal jacket when it is simply too cold for anything else or pop this on to rush to the shops – this jacket can dressed up or down across occasions – we’re just assuming it’s pretty cold outside! This puffer is painstakingly crafted with the heritage-rich Chinese craftsmanship—Su Brocade, an intricate traditional technique that produces a slightly raised peony and phoenix-patterned jacquard, and Chinese knot fastenings at the front.

SILKINC Swan Goose Backless Cheongsam

Originating in the Qing Dynasty, the Cheongsam gained prominence when it became a popular choice among women in Shanghai. This iconic style perfectly captures the beauty, elegance, and grace of women. The long style makes this 100% silk dress versatile and practical. It can be dressed up with heels or worn with flats in the summer. The drawstring open back gives you the flexibility to wear this dress in a way that suits your body.

SILKINC Jinghong Swan Goose Waistcoat 

The waistcoat is expertly crafted from a blend of silk and wool, offering a simultaneous blend of the smoothness of silk and the warmth of wool. Its Chinese cross-collar slant lapel design, adorned with stunning yet subtle flying swan goose embroidery, imbues the garment with the timeless elegance. Wear this waistcoat on its own in the spring / summer, or layered on top of warmer long-sleeved tops and sweaters during winter for an outfit that can be worn across the season and over many years.

Si-mere Multi-way Scarf

The scarf is intricately crafted from Silkinc's revolutionary 100% silk fabric, Silkinc Si-mere. Through a meticulous process of production, this distinctive material achieves the cozy texture reminiscent of cashmere, all while retaining the soft and luxurious qualities of silk. With six different styling options, the scarf becomes a versatile accessory, perfectly complementing the Silkinc Bias Cut Sleeveless Top or the Silkinc Silk-Cotton High Collar Top, to create an ideal winter outfit.

Main Dragon Silk Scarf

Inspired by the awe-inspiring mount in LuoShenFuTu, the dragon pattern gracing this silk scarf symbolizes the innate power and free-spirited essence of women. Infusing this element into our main dragon silk scarf design, our goal is to transform the scarf into a meaningful masterpiece that sparks a profound connection. Whether paired with our cheongsam or silk jacket, immerse yourself in the beauty and elegance of the Goddess Luo, showcasing a rich heritage of Chinese culture.

Silkinc remains steadfast in its commitment to showcasing worldly heritage and culture internationally. High-quality silk garments not only provide unparalleled comfort and luxury but also serve as a canvas for expressing worldly heritage and art. We hope, through our silk, you gently feel our dedication to celebrating women and our heartfelt wishes for you in the upcoming year, the year of the dragon.

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