Getting balance in the sun: our favorite winter sun destinations


  1. Bali
  2. Dubai
  3. Ecuador
  4. Egypt
  5. Kenya
  6. Kerala
  7. Seychelles

Let’s start the new year off with a healthy dose of sunshine and fun. With a few months left of winter chills, grey skies and rain or snow, getting away for even a few days feels like a breath of fresh air. Sunshine has proven mood-boosting benefits including the release of serotonin, helping you feel calm and focused. Once off that flight, you can strip off those many layers and trade the winter blues for glistening oceans and warm breezes.

We truly love a short break for some vitamin D. Here are a few our favorite, Silkinc tried-and-tested, sun-drenched destinations to escape to this winter.


When to go: all year

Average temperature: 27C

One of the most versatile destinations with culture, art, delicious food, beaches, nature, wildlife, relaxation and adventure all in one place. There is truly something for everyone in Bali, just a ‘stone’s throw’ away from Australia. We loved the early morning climb up Mount Batur to experience the mesmerizing sunrise and also the thrill of white water rafting in the rainforest rivers. If you are here to relax, try booking one of their stunning villas by the beach where you can just take in the sun, the views and even book local spa services that will come to your location!


When to go: November - February

Average temperature: 26C

The perfect short getaway, <7 hours flight from most European cities. Dubai is a holiday with everything at your fingertips. From stunning resorts, spas, beaches, shopping and the largest waterpark in the world, this is somewhere where you can have fun whilst kicking back and relaxing. It is easy to pack in lots within just a few days including the beautiful mosques and vast desert. If you need to balance working whilst being away, the short time-difference from Europe, ability to carry expensive technology without safety concerns and very easy access to WIFI, makes this one of the easiest destinations to work on holiday.

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When to go: December - May

Average temperature: 26C

If you are looking for a little adventure, Ecuador is a versatile and thrilling holiday destination. The Galapagos Islands showcase some of the most precious wildlife and fauna in the world both above and below the sea, that often cannot be found anywhere else in the world. You can also enter the Amazon rainforest from Ecuador, and experience the culture of indigenous tribes, see incredible animals, birds and insects at both day and night. Quito, the capital of Ecuador, has the nightlife and city vibes, whilst Baños, just a few hours from Quito, has naturally heated thermal baths and awesome adventure sports to explore its mountains, rivers and waterfalls.


When to go: October - December

Average temperature: 25C

Ancient temples, pyramids, hot springs and shifting dunes. Experience the current hustle and bustle of this buzzing country whilst balancing this with the history of one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

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When to go: December - February

Average temperature: 32C

Known for its incredible safaris, Kenya has some of the most diverse and abundant wildlife and tribal culture. The surroundings of mountains, beaches, lakes and rivers are simply divine.

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When to go: November - March

Average temperature: 27C

Experience tranquility in the backwaters of Kerala on calming houseboats. The perfect chance to switch off, meditate on the stunning views and slowing down. Sail through remote villages and paddy fields. Purchase fresh seafood, vegetables and spices from locals on the water and eat some of the freshest and tastiest food made by a local chef on your boat. You can stop off at temples, hotels, churches and little shops along the way.


When to go: October - November

Average temperature: 29C

The Seychelles are a series of islands which breathe tranquility. With some of the warmest seas in the world, this destination is incredible for diving and snorkeling. Marvel in the magic under the sea, white sands as well as the spectacular nature.

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Let us know some of your favorite winter sun destinations that help you gain balance in your life. One can never have too many options in the back pocket for a quick dose of sunshine when you need it most!



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