5 Ways to Host a Sustainable Christmas Party – Inspiration from Silkinc

At Silkinc, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's woven into the very fabric of our brand. From our commitment to natural materials to our dedication to ethical practices, promoting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles is a cornerstone of our ethos. On December 17th, we were thrilled to bring our sustainability endeavors to life by hosting a Christmas party like no other. Gathering influential voices and passionate advocates from within the Silkinc family, we aimed to celebrate the festive season with a conscious touch.

Our guests, adorned in Silkinc's sustainable creations, showcased how style and responsibility can seamlessly intertwine. It was a day where sustainability took center stage, proving that conscious choices can be both festive and fabulous. Through careful planning, we wanted to share a couple of our tips and lessons in hosting a sustainable Christmas party.

1. Sustainable Christmas Tree:

Our Christmas tree is more than just a festive decoration—it's a powerful symbol of our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Crafted from repurposed packaging boxes and designed for future reuse, it embodies a zero-waste approach. Illuminated by environmentally friendly LED lights, our tree sparkled with holiday joy while minimizing resource consumption.

2. Books for a Cause:

Take note of the books beside our Christmas tree—they aren't just decorations. Collected from our guests, these books will be sent to children who lack access to literature. At Silkinc, we know the importance of a good education in economic empowerment, and through our partnership with Ever Care Charity Foundation, the books that inspire knowledge and creativity will be re-used in the best possible way.

3. Zero Disposables:

Bid farewell to single-use plastics and wasteful disposables! Our party embraced a zero-disposable policy, opting for reusable alternatives that can be re-used time and time again. From biodegradable cups to ‘proper’ crockery, we celebrate responsibly, minimizing our ecological footprint.

4. DIY Comfort Toys from Waste Material:

Unleash your creativity in a fun and eco-conscious crafting session! Join us in transforming small silk scraps into festive toys that can be used for decoration or kids. Guided step by step by our skilled instructor, we taught our guests simple sewing skills that can be used to repair garments in the future while sending them home with a cherished memory.

5. Sustainable Ideas Cards:

Harnessing the collective power of sustainability ideas, we encourage our guests to share their suggestions for Silkinc. Writing them on recycled cards and sparking conversations that inspire positive change. Together, we build a community dedicated to conscious living.

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