Cashmere-Like Comfort: Silkinc's Pure Silk Si-mere Scarf for Cozy Winter Style

At Silkinc, we've redefined the perception of silk beyond summer, ensuring you experience its incredible benefits even in the colder months. Our innovative production methods have given our 100% silk scarves a cashmere-like texture, providing warmth without compromising on the luxurious feel and practical properties of silk.

Named "silkincmere", this process requires more than 1,000 times of friction, six pulls, two trims, and multiple processes such as refining, dyeing, and brushing in order to achieve a warm and soft texture.

The "silkincmere" si-mere scarf is characterized by a colorful design, inspired by Gu Kaizhi's "LuoShenFuTu" and Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus". The goddesses in the minds of the two painters are just like the images of women that we admire in this era: they not only have the independence and confidence of the Goddesses, shining in their own fields, but also have love and warmth, empowering positive energy to those around them. This time, we provide four colors for all silk lovers: Earthy Brown and Cappuccino White, Forest Green and Pure Black, Dark and Bright Chinese Red, and Mythical Purple and Ivory White, which can be a treat for yourself or for others.



Even though this scarf feels like cashmere it still provides you with all the best silk benefits. It’s about enjoying comfort without any unnecessary fuss.

1. Temperature-regulating silk ‘cashmere’

This silk scarf boasts the innate temperature-regulating qualities of silk fibers, providing a cozy cocoon in the cold without the risk of overheating when traveling on busy trains, in the warmth of a car journey or during brief indoor activities throughout the winter months.

2. Smooth as silk ‘cashmere’

Unlike cashmere, with the gentle touch on skin and hair, si-mere silk introduces an anti-itch feature, elevating the overall comfort of wearing the scarf. This particular quality makes it an excellent accessory for individuals with sensitive skin and want to avoid any scratchy surfaces that can redden skin.

3. Easy to maintain silk ‘cashmere’

Our Si-Mere scarfs don't require frequent washing; just air them out and wear them during those winter months. Designed for a soft and cozy feel, they benefit from dry cleaning for optimal care. Dry cleaning helps preserve the fabric's texture and ensures the longevity of the scarf. This care method will keep your Si-Mere scarf in excellent condition, allowing you to enjoy its comfort and style for a long time.

Silkinc's Si-mere scarf seamlessly blends modern technology with timeless elegance. The innovative weaving techniques enhance its functionality for winter wear and introduce a touch of sophistication and comfort. Keep warm and cozy this winter with the Si-mere silk scarf.


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